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Welcome to this site. I made this website to showcase and push out a bunch of personality type theories I’ve developed over the years. My theoretical foundation would be:

Some theories relate to only one of these disciplines. But many will crossbreed and cross pollinate over many of them.


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The Myers Briggs, Enneagram and Instinctual variants of Jesse Ventura

Picture of Jesse Ventura

Myers Briggs type: INTP

American born author, actor, politician, wrestler and former NAVY Seal Jesse Ventura is a Myers Briggs INTP.

Jesse Ventura has written 6 books. They are, in chronological order:

  1. I Ain’t Got Time to Bleed: Reworking the Body Politic from the Bottom Up
  2. Don’t Start the Revolution Without Me!
  3. American Conspiracies: Lies, Lies, and More Dirty Lies that the Government Tells Us
  4. 63 Documents the Government Doesn’t Want You to Read
  5. DemoCRIPS and ReBLOODlicans: No More Gangs in Government
  6. They Killed Our President: 63 Reasons to Believe There Was a Conspiracy to Assassinate JFK

INTP’s are the most studious readers of all 16 MBTI types. They crave information, they love absorbing information, they read a lot and they love it. Period.

Contrary to the fairly similar INTJ’s, INTP’s are not primarily driven by the practical application of information, but about the information itself and the questions. Phycisists are almost always INTP’s. So are mathematicians, scientists and engineers. In those four professions, the INTP is by far the most common type.

Most authors are INTP’s as well. Jesse Ventura is an author. When Jesse Ventura was wrestling at a young age, his fellow wrestlers would go out party come nighttime – well Jesse Ventura stayed home and read. Loads and loads of book. Over the course of his life, Jesse Ventura has read a very large amount of books.

The INTP is the cerebral, scientific part of Jesse Ventura. That’s the part of him that makes him wanna read books. That’s the part of him that wants to chip away at the large questions in life. There aren’t many actors that are INTP’s. I can’t think of a single big actor who is. Though Joe Rogan and Eddie Bravo are both INTP’s.

Jesse Ventura is easy to mistype as an INTJ. The enneagram 8 really brings out Judging qualities in him; they are amplified, enhanced, increased – whatever you want to call it. It is commonly known that enneagram 8 enhances Judging qualities.

Jesse Ventura can, when he wants to, simplify reality. When he’s on CNN in a 7 minute interview – that’s when it comes in handy. This is an INTJ’s quality, and not an INTP quality. Again it’s the enneagram 8 that is at action here, simplifying reality.


picture of Jesse Ventura

Enneagram type:  8w9

Jesse Ventura is an enneagram 8 with a 9 wing.
The word “control” is a holy word for 8’s. Jesse Ventura has said that he’s always working on “controlling” his emotions, behaviour, and outcome of a situation. 8’s always want control.

8’s view the world in terms of control and they pay keen attention to the power struggles that exist and carefully note the outcome of them. You could say that 8’s are experts at war, asserting dominance, and winning power struggles. Because their worst fear is loosing a power struggle.

Jesse Ventura is also aggressive. He used to be wrestler, which required physical aggression. Now he battles Pierce Morgan (INTJ 8w9) on live TV using verbal aggression. Jesse Ventura is aggressive and “quite intense” in person as his friend Alex Jones has said on radio. Jesse is intense, but his behaviour isn’t “wild” or “crazy” or spontaneous and unpredictable like that.

Jesse Ventura is more calm, level-headed, and earthbound if you will. Although Jesse Ventura can get in-you-face aggressive and go primal on your ass, he is more “selective” with his aggression than for example Alex Jones (who is an 8w7).

If Jesse Ventura was an 8w7 he would be wilder, a little bit “crazy”, more spontaneous and more aggressive than he is now. He would also have less patience, and with that reduced patience he probably wouldn’t have become governor of anything. The word “wildman” is not a fitting description for Jesse. The words “strategic caveman” is however a very good description.

You can also tell he’s a 8w9 and not a 8w7 from the way his emotions work. His emotions (usually anger) comes in long waves ass oppose to short bursts. 8w7’s have shorter, more intense emotional bursts, like Alex Jones.

Enneagram 8’s have an incredible sense of fairness – and that’s what drives them. Due to their mental strength, fortitude and conviction 8’s can do incredible damage if they want to. But all of those qualities can also be used for good.

Enneagram 8’s are very anti-authoritarian in nature. If anyone else haven’t noticed, there is not a cell in Jesse Venturas body that worships authority. Jessen Ventura is in fact very anti-authoritarian and despise authority. But to a limit remember he DID serve in the military which is based on a hierchal system where people give and take order.

And if he runs for president 2016 he will do so as an independent. Again, not working within the system but creating options outside it.


picture of Jesse Ventura

Instinctual variant: Sp/sx

Jesse Ventura is a Self-preservation primary and a sexual instinct secondary. The self-preservation primary brings a couple key things to the table and they are;

  • Awareness of surroundings (good as wrestler and in military)
  • Impulse control and long term thinking (good for writing books, being a politician, and for military service)

Most people who work in the military are Self-preservation primaries. Sexual primaries are just too intense and too impatient to work in the military. Social primaries would like being in the military as you work in groups all the time and it’s always about the group. There’s lots of “groupthink”.

Jesse Ventura is not a sexual primary that’s for sure. And he is too comfortable all by himself to be social primary. Too comfortable with the fact that people hate him, and want to kill his guts.

The lack of social instinct allows you to “negate” what other people think about you.This can be good and bad. For Jesse Ventura it’s good, for psychopaths it’s bad – they need the added empathy of the social instinct more than anything.

Jesse Ventura has been harassed extensively over the years because of his political views. We are talking about threats and serious harassment here. But he’s standing strong and doesn’t seem to be breaking under the pressure, he seems to almost enjoy it a little.

I know he’s a sexual secondary because of his displayed passion and emotional intensity. He wouldn’t be as “intense” as Alex Jones put it if he lacked the sexual instinct.

The Myers Briggs, Enneagram and Instinctual variants of Alex Jones

picture of Alex Jones

Myers Briggs type: INTJ

American radio host Alex Jones is an INTJ with a strong supporting Sensing and Feeling function. He might come across as an Extrovert because he talks alot, and Extroverts do talk a lot. But he’s really just a superhigh energy introvert who can’t shut the fuck up.

He’s also highly intelligent, with a highly active mind, which makes him think more and have more things to say. He goes for vacations alone out in the forest – something an Extrovert wouldn’t really do. He’s an iNtuitive, he’s very interested in “the big picture”.

He’s also a Thinker. Although he sometimes comes across as very emotional, which he is, he does have a high ability to digest and absorb objective information and facts. The facts he unleashes upon the radioshow are usually correct, I’ve checked many myself. But he does have a tendency to exaggerate, and sometimes quite a bit.

Alex Jones has, at 39 years old, produced no less than 17 movies. And Obama Deception 2 is on it’s way out. And he’s a radio host.

His two most popular movies are without doubt:

So he’s an Introvert, a iNtuitive, and a Thinker. And as any INTx would be, he’s VERY interested in society, technology, politics, economy, and history. He’s devoted his entire life to those subjects. People that are inherently drawn to technology and history are almost always INTx’s – that is INTP’s or INTJ’s.

The way to know he’s a Judger and not a Peceiver is the way he takes a stand on an issue. When he hears about something new, he basically takes stand right away, every time.

Those are Judging characteristics, as Judgers hate the inbetween space of not knowing, but LOVE having made up their mind about something. Alex Jones is an expert at making up his mind. He always got something to say. He has his own RADIOSHOW goddammit!! =))

He always has an opinion, and it’s usually (perhaps always) a strong one. INTJ’s do very well in radio and is a very common configuration for radio. Radioguy and friend of Alex Jones Mancow Muller is an INTJ as well. Howard Sten is an INTJ.

INTJ’s tend to be a little more in-you-face and have quicker tounge than INTP’s, who praise objectivity and forethough above anything. In radio things happen fast, so being an INTJ is better for that occupation. You can’t really sit in silence and wait 20 seconds to make up your mind in a live radioshow.

If you wonder why Alex Jones seems so different than another INTJ you might know, then look at his Enneagram type. That’s where his intensity, his aggression and his fearlessness comes from.


picture of Alex Jones

Enneagram type:  8w7

Alex Jones is an enneagram 8w7. You know this from his aggression, his lack of self-consciousness, and his emotional intensity. He’s also very comfortable with controntation and sometimes even gets a kick out of it. That’s because he’s displaying power, dominance and control – all holy words for 8’s.

8’s talk a lot about “control”, they view their world in terms of being able to control their environment left and right. Ultimate “control” gives them comfort like no other thing can. Alex Jones talks a lot about control and “power trips”, that he claims the cops are on.

The truth is that Alex Jones knows what he’s talking about as he himself occasionally goes on a power trip by beating down a rude guest or screaming into the mike on the radioshow. In Alex Jones’ radioshow, he’s the guy with the mute button and hence – “ultimate control”.

He’s basically a classical 8w7 but with a cerebral touch and interest in science that comes from his INTJ part. He’s also very good at talking, which enneagram 8’s usually are. 8’s are also very good at arguing and winning verbal debates.

Alex Jones also has a strong internal reference system and is uneasily swayed by the currents around him, that too are enneagram 8 charcteristics.

I know he’s an 8w7 and not an 8w9 because of his intensity, energy level and imagination. 8w7’s have are more intense and have way more energy than 8w9’s, who are more mellow and “down to earth”.

8w7’s also have a wilder imagination as they have more right brain half activity (where imagination and creativity lies). Alex is wild. Alex Jones is too intense and too dramatic to be a 8w9, he wouldn’t be bad actor actually when I think about it.


picture of Alex Jones

Instinctual variant: Sp/sx

I understand that many people will think “Alex Jones gotta be a sexual primary” but NO! He’s not. Typing him as a sexual primary is a way to explain his intensity, but being an INTJ, 8w7 Self-preservation primary and sexual secondary is enough to explain his intensity level.

Alex Jones is intense, but it is possible to be more intense. In comes comedian and former car salesmal Joez Diaz. Here’s a display of what happens when you combine an:

  • Myers Briggs ISTJ
  • Enneagram 8wing7
  • Sx/sp – that is sexual primary (when you combine 8w7 with sexual primary you get CRAZY WILD MAN!!!!)
  • into one man aka Joey Diaz 


Although Alex Jones sometimes behaves like a sexual primary, he’s a sexual secondary. If Alex Jones was a sexual primary he wouldn’t be the rock that he is and he wouldn’t have the patience to do what he does. He wouldn’t have the persistence and the consistency that he displays with what he does.

He has built his own media empire, that is some long term thinking involved there. Self-Preservation is good at targeting long term goals, sacrificing the present for the future.

You must also account for the hundrens upon hundreds of books Alex Jones has read. He’s also read hundreds if not thousands of documents. A sexual instinct primary would be bored out of his mind and wouldn’t be able to do it. He would be too restless.


The Myers Briggs, Enneagram and Instinctual variants of Ron Paul

picture of ron paul and the constitution

Myers Briggs type: INTJ

Longtime american author, public speaker, social activist and politician Ron Paul is a Myers Briggs INTJ.

  • He’s an Introvert
  • He’s an iNtuitive (big picture orientated)
  • He’s a Thinker (dominated by logic and left brain half)
  • He’s a Judger (more inclined to take a stand on an issue as oppose to not take a stand)

The INTJ is the most common Myers Briggs configuration among politicians. Almost all politicians are INTJ’s actually. INTP’s are very interested in society, history, economics and politics BUT they aren’t as comfortable in debates and confrontation.

They aren’t as sure of themselves as INTJ’s are. They are more inclined to self doubt and second-guesses. They are also more self-conscious.

INTJ’s are, in general, better speakers. When INTJ’s speak; things, facts , reality aligns itself to suit the direction they are going. Mentally speaking, they “get their ducks in order”. INTJ’s are very good at driving home a point, at driving home an opinion.

When I watch Ron Paul talk, and study the way he talk, he has every INTJ quality described above. I also believe Ron Paul is hyperintelligent, which improves his speaking and reasoning ability even further.


Ron Paul has written a large amount of books over the years. In the topics of society, politics, economy and philosophy. His main philosophy is liberty and freedom. The most popular of his books are:

  1. The Revolution: A Manifesto
  2. Liberty Defined: 50 Essential Issues That Affect Our Freedom
  3. End the Fed
  4. The School Revolution: A New Answer for Our Broken Education System
  5. A Foreign Policy of Freedom: Peace, Commerce, and Honest Friendship

 With the The Revolution: A Manifesto being the most popular by far. It has 1600 reviews on Amazon only, something almost unheard of for a political book.

His most recent book was the The School Revolution: A New Answer for Our Broken Education System, it was released september 17 2013.


Enneagram type: 1w9 or 1w2

I honestly don’t know whether Ron Paul is an 1w9 or an 1w2. But I’m leaning towards 1w9. His body language is more similar that of an 1w9. 1w9’s have a stiffer more rigid body languange, they don’t move they arms or the rest of their body very much. Probably the least of all enneagram types parallel with 5w4’s and 5w6’s. 1w9’s can appear to be quite cerebral and “in their head”.

Out of all enneagram types, enneagram type 1 is the most common among politicians.

Enneagram 1’s have a great sense of justice, and fairness. Unfortunately it seems some or many politicians get more or less corrupted as they climb upwards on the political ladder.

Ron Pauls son Rand Paul has a very similar personality type as his father, but I haven’t studied him enough to know exactly what type he is. Personality type is very hereditary, and is often inherited.

Ron Paul also has incredibly strong rational thinking, or reasoning power; it comes from him being an

  • INTJ
  • An Enneagram type 1
  • And his high intelligence

Click below to read more about personality type and reasoning power.


Instinctual variant: Sp/sx

He talks and behaves like a self-preservation primary. He is goal orientated like sp primaries tend to be. You can tell from his behaviour he is not a sexual primary or social primary.

If he was sexual primary he wouldn’t have the patience to do what he does – he would be too impatient to navigate the corridors of neverending bureaucracy. To put it short, he would be more intense.

If he was a social primary he would be more self-conscious as he would be way more aware of what other people might see, think, feel, or experience. Social primaries do not do well in politics, and are very uncommon.

Politics is quite a confrontational game, a social primary would want to change the world, but would not be comfortable going up on the podium banging heads on regular basis. A social primary would also be very uncomfortable with making so many people angry.

A social primary is more aware of how other people experience the world. That is the primary function of the social instinct. It lifts focus from oneself to others. It does the complete opposite to what the ego does to you – that is focus on YOURSELF. I do not believe there is a single psychopath who has a primary social stacking. Because that psychopath then, would have empathy (which psychopaths don’t have).

He’s a self-preservation primary, and he’s a sexual instinct secondary. I know he’s a sexual secondary because of his displayed intensity. He can, when he wants to, get pretty loud and pretty intense. A social instinct secondary all other things the same wouldn’t be able to do that.

The Myers Briggs, Enneagram and Instinctual variants of Christopher Langan

Christopher Langan is the worlds smartest man according to IQ test. His smarts land around 200 IQ.

Christopher Langan is the worlds smartest man according to IQ test. His smarts land around 200 IQ.

Myers Briggs type: INTP

According to the statistics I’ve read, INTP’s score best on IQ of all 16 types. Then comes INTJ’s, and INFP’s third. After that it would be ENTP’s, ENTJ’s, ISTP’s and INFJ’s to compete with eachother. Among sensors, ISTP’s score best. ISTJ’s score well too. Worst of all would be ESFP or ESFJ. So that’s an indication, but not proof.

Being Extrovert makes you score lower, being Sensor makes you score lower, being Feeler makes you score lower, being Judger as opposite to Perceiver makes you score lower (fairly low difference in this one I think).

Most top CEO’s are INTJ’s, because they are cerebral, smart, doers and handle confrontation well. It is also the most common type for politicians. Ron Paul is an INTJ. Jesse Ventura is an INTP.

Anyway. If you watch following YouTube series where Christopher Langan is interviewed you see he is deeply cerebral, (NT quality), Introverted, and probably a perceiver.

Chris langan Part 1

Chris Langan Part 2

Chris Langan Part 3

If we compare INTP’s with INTJ’s. INTP’s tend to be more calm and serene than their fellow INTJ’s who are a little more edgy and in your face. INTP’s care more about theory than the practical application. INTJ’s are too impatient NOT to have a practical application in mind (when studying theory).

Christopher Langan has been working on his theories for decades, seemingly ok with the fact they don’t lead anywhere. Based on all of above, I judge him to be an INTP.

Mister Langan has excactly 1 product on Amazon.com. And that is a 71 page essay with a bad cover and questionable quality. I never heard of it until now. It has 2 (good) reviews – does not an essay by the world’s smartest man DESERVE a little more attention? Either way, it’s called:

Apart from that, the most interesting search results on Amazon in terms of books and intelligence were, in order;

  1. On Intelligence (on intelligence itself as a raw subject, 4,5/5 stars average, the best reviewed book in this list, which is why I put it first. Exists as Kindle and Hardcover)
  2. Nikola Tesla: Imagination and the Man That Invented the 20th Century (A short free 46 page Kindle eBook, 4/5 stars average)
  3. Emotional Intelligence 2.0 (Exists as hardcover and audiobook, 4/5 stars average)
  4. Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ (ANOTHER book on emotional intelligence, thats seems to be the hot thing right now. Has 417 reviews averaging 4/5 stars. Exists as Kindle, Hardcover, Audiobook – everything) 


Ennagram type: 5w6

5w6′s score very well of IQ tests. Seems like 5w4′s, 5w6′s and 4w5′s are the enneagram types that score best on IQ tests. You can see in his interview he is very cerebral, and level headed just like a 5w6 should be.

Combined with being an INTP, this makes Christopher Langan have one of the absolute best possible personality types for scoring well on a IQ test.

His brain is able to download a huge amount of information but he isn’t really able to DO anything with it. And that’s because he lacks creativity, something he would have had, had he been a 5w4 instead. If Christopher Langan was a 5w4 we would have colonized mars by now!! ;)

Christopher Langan is very calm, level headed and down to earth type of guy. He doesn’t come across as “eccentric” at all. 5w6’s are NOT exccentric. A lot of librarians are 5w6. That is the professions I’ve come across where they are the most overrepresentated.


Instinctual variant: Sp/so  or Sp/sx

Here I don’t know, but I know. I know that he isn’t a primary Sx, because he lacks the intensity that would come with that. He is just too calm, too serene, too mellow.

So either he is a Self-preservation primary or he is a Social primary. If I had to guess I would guess on Self-Preservation, because he doesn’t seen self-conscious at all, which a Social primary stacking would bring out.

Being a social primary would also increase the need for social interaction. And he DOES work as a bouncer, which makes me lean more toward Social primary. But I don’t know.

The Myers Briggs, Enneagram and Instinctual variants of Dana White


Myers Briggs type: ESTJ

Dana White has that bulldozer in your face energy of an ESTJ.

  • He’s an Extrovert (he loves to talk, and hangs around people all the time and never gets tired of it)
  • He’s Sensor (he doesn’t overthink, he’s orientated in the physical world)
  • He’s Thinker (he’s dominated by the left brain half)
  • He’s a Judger (he doesn’t shy away from confrontation or taking a stand and staying there. He also likes telling people what to do haha ;))


Enneagram type: 3w2

This is where is incredible drive comes from. It is astounding, it is insane, and it is awesome. He’s very restless, and he likes working hard. He actually likes it. A girl in my journalist class is a 3w2 too, and just before the holiday began she said “I won’t have something to do now for four days which I got anxiety over”.

She gets anxiety when she’s NOT working, when she’s NOT doing something, which all 3w2′s do. They are not lazy asses, that’s for sure. He also has that “smooth factor” of 3w2′s.

The (possibly) lowest point of Dana Whites adult life was the canceling of UFC event 151. That’s because a canceled event like that was the OPPOSITE of success, which is the ultimate goal of 3w2′s. So his enneagram punished him harschly.


Instinctual variant: So/sx

The way his Social comes out, is that he’s always talking about the fans. He’s always imagening how they see things, how they perceive things. He can do this very well and automatically with no effort because he’s a Social primary.

He’s also very socially smooth, which Socials tends to be. He ENJOYS meeting and hanging out with people constantly which is a result of him being an Extrovert and Social primary.

The way I know he’s a Sexual secondary and not Self-preservation is his displayed intensity. He can really get intense, he would be more level if he was a SP secondary. His emotions wouldn’t “spike” quite as high as they do know.

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